Science Behind Beauty Project

Where Science meets Fashion

You’re probably thinking: Where the hell does science meet fashion? Well where there’s a will, there’s a way! My friend Lauren runs a brilliant fashion blog called Lauren Loves… Together with her, we decided it would be really interesting to investigate some of the science behind cosmetics, skin care, hair colouring and give people a bit more information on what they’re actually paying for. So from tackling some cosmetics claims to explaining how sunscreen works, “The Science Behind Beauty Project” will explain it all!

Here’s a little introduction from Lauren and her blog. It’s really brilliant: fun and silly but also very interesting and informative. Definitely worth checking out!

Hi I’m Lauren from Lauren Loves… a blog about everything mindless and bimbo – makeup, fashion and beauty! In real life though I have a bit of a brain and work in neuropsychology after graduating with a degree in Medical Neuroscience! I wanted to start a series of blog posts called “The Science Behind Beauty Project” because I was fed up of watching adverts claiming that “pentapeptides” and other molecules actually existed/had an effect on your skin when applied in cream form. I worked alone for a while explaining the biochemistry behind latisse – a very popular US eyelash growth serum which was accidentally created from glaucoma medication; and the chemistry behind haloxyl which is found in many under-eye concealers. I realised I needed help from a proper biochemist however and enlisted the help of Tash. 

Lauren also interviewed little me for her blog readers as part of her blog loving series. Here it is!

Hello! Please introduce yourself and your blog 

Hello to all! My name’s Natasha, I’m 25 and the author of my own little science blog: The Science Informant. Yes very geeky I know! The main idea is to chat about various topics in science that might be of interest to anyone, scientist or not. 

When did you start blogging and why? 

I started blogging in September 2010. I had already started a science column in my university newspaper and was now editing this but thought it would be fun to have my own page! Also it meant I had more freedom in my writing: I could choose any topic I wanted and write it in a more fun style! And hopefully light a spark of interest in more people too! 

What is your favourite feature on your blog/what posts are you most proud of? 

Let’s see… I’m quite proud of my post of Molecular Gastronomy, which is about the science behind food and cooking. It covers so many different topics and seems to be quite in at the moment with cooking shows rampaging our TV screens! I really want to develop my “Quick Question” and “Myths Debunked” sections – I like the idea of having little tidbits of science that might amuse people. 

Describe your style (and include photos if you like) 

Now that’s tough! I wouldn’t say I’m a girly girl but I’m definitely quite feminine. I love high heels, as Lauren will know! Day to day, I quite like balancing outfits, like a very feminine flouncy top with black jeans and killer studded heals. Evenings, I love dresses and would kill for Christina Hendrick’s wardrobe from Mad Men! So smart yet so sexy! Can I love both these looks?

What’s your favourite item of clothing (and a photo if you like) 

At the moment probably a pair a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes I got for ½ price in the Christmas sale. They’re beautiful and devilishly high! 

I know you have a huge amount of knowledge about designer fashion so here’s a question I’m dying to ask – What is your favourite high street shop and who is your favourite designer 

I think most of my friends and family will tell you I’m obsessed with All Saints! I’ve even had friends who never bought anything in there because everything they looked at in the shop apparently looked like it belonged to me! Hehe! I think I just really like that they play with shapes and textures a lot and they do a lot of grungy stuff alongside really beautiful dresses and more sophisticated things. They’re terrible at sizing through! I have a top that’s an 8 (which I certainly am not!) and I tried on a dress that was too small at a 16 (which I am not either!) so people find it very difficult buying me presents from there! 

Designer wise – now that’s a bit more difficult as I don’t actually own that much of it (sigh!). If I could wear Chanel I think that would have to be my favourite (staying true to my Parisian nature!) but I also love Kenzo – I have a beautiful bag I bought years ago! 

Apart from blogging, what do you do? 

Well I started a PhD in Anatomy and Embryology in October so that takes up most of my time! Apart from that I love socialising and being busy (my boyfriend says I don’t know how to relax!) and try to get some kind of sport fitted in if possible even if I’m rubbish (like the new Street Dance lessons I’m desperately trying to get to grips with)! 

What is your dream? 

Well that all depends. Work related: probably becoming a science journalist like writing for New Scientist or having my own newspaper column. Personally: just to live a happy, long and enjoyable life! Truthfully, what more can you ask for? 

Tell me a secret? 

Um… a fashion related secret: I use to hate skinny jeans and refuse to wear them for years and years! Now I swear by them! 

Thank you for taking part in Lauren Loves… blogger interview. 

Lauren Loves… 

So if you have any beauty claims you want to know the science behind, let us know and we’ll investigate! Watch this space!


One thought on “Where Science meets Fashion

  1. Go team sexy scientists 😛 xxxx

    Posted by Lauren | March 28, 2011, 3:08 pm

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