2011: my first year of science writing

As seems to be the tradition at this beginning time of the year, I thought a 2011 review was in order. And to be honest, 2011 was a cracking year for me as a budding science writer!

I got my first paid science journalism job, writing news stories for Cosmos magazine!
I really have enjoyed writing these! Being sent papers on new and exciting research being done worldwide is really a treat and I love researching topics I previously knew nothing about! Here are links to some of those stories:
– Human gut tells brain to overeat fatty foods
– Cold electron sources allow nanoscale imaging
Rice seeds yield functional human blood protein
– Australian eucalyptus is a nanotech gold mine

I became the official Food Guru for new digital online science Magazine “Guru Magazine”!
I have been and remain very excited about this project! I love writing science for non-scientists and making it fun and accessible to all so this magazine is the perfect place for me. The editors are great to work with and I’m really hoping it carries on growing as it has since its launch in August. I wrote a series of “Do-it-yourself” Molecular Gastronomy articles for them which can be found here:
Do-it-yourself Molecular Gastronomy Part 1: The eastern secret of boosting flavour
Do-it-yourself Molecular Gastronomy Part 2: Taste tests and teasers
Do-it-yourself Molecular Gastronomy Part 3: Molecular Mixology

I have also contributed a few online tidbits:
The perfect Mulled Cider Recipe
All I want for Christmas is… Youth

I won 3rd prize in a Research Poster Competition at my university!
The idea was to present your research in a way that was accessible to all. Half the marks went to content and half to design so I was particularly chuffed! Poster here.

The Science Behind Beauty Project was born!
2011 saw the launch of a collaboration between myself and my friend Lauren who hosts a brilliant beauty and fashion blog called “Lauren Loves…”. Our posts so far can be found here – more to come this year!

Last but definitely not least: a New Scientist publication!
This HAS to be the highlight of my year starting out as a science journalist! I love New Scientist and would love to work for them so having a proper full-length feature published just before Christmas was the best Christmas present ever and wrapped up the year pretty nicely! You can read my article “Turned to Stone” here (if you are subscribed to New Scientist online) or have a browse at the PDF version here.

All in all it’s been a pretty good first year for me. I really love writing about science, finding out about all sorts of topics and explaining them to people so let’s hope 2012 is a good! Coming up some more features for Guru Magazine, a guest post for my Doctoral School on my New Scientist article and loads more fun and exciting projects!


One thought on “2011: my first year of science writing

  1. This is truly a great example of making things happen when you have a target and are dedicated to and energetic about your project! Well done 🙂

    Posted by Janeane Ingram | January 4, 2012, 10:46 am

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