Brighton Science Festival 2012 – CATASTROPHE!

Pictures credited to Brighton Science Festival

Don’t panic, the festival has not been the scene of a major catastrophe! The general theme of this year’s Brighton Science Festival is CATASTROPHE: in their own words “pandemic, global warming, economic melt-down, and how to avoid them.” That’s one scary topic!

The festival is a great opportunity to participate in some major science events: featuring great talks from influential scientists, fun packed family days to get the kids into a bit of science, intriguing debates and fantastic activities!

So what will I be going to this year? I have sent my team of Badger writers on the case who will be attending a selection of events. A few are left to myself:

  • Smoke and Mirrors Presents… Behind the Illusion: The Science of Magic

I’m hoping this magic and cabaret show is as good as it sounds, revealing the psychology of conjuring and the art of illusion!

  • Monkey Butlers and Voices of the Dead

Something a bit on the odd side – I’m not really sure what will be going on here but the title sounded it and the blurb also! “Phonographs, flying machines and other marvels. A heady mix of arcane science, chat and love music.”

  • Bright Club: Bodies   

I’ve always had a bit of a passion for anatomy, s this look at how we make sense of the human body should be fascinating!

This is just a selection – there are so many great activities to go to – check out their events list or the press release below. If you’re into science and fancy finding out some interesting tidbits in a fun environment, make sure you go to at least one of the events. Brighton Science Festival is a brilliant event – you wouldn’t want to miss it!


Brighton Science Festival 2012 Shakes It Up.

Brighton is going to be all shook up in February 2012.

Marcus Brigstocke

We’ll be shaken to the core by both the oldest and the latest ideas: quantum, consciousness, religion – what’s it all about? Shaking with fright, as Catastrophe (the BIG shake-up ) is one of our themes: pandemic, global warming, economic melt-down, and how to avoid them. And shaking with laughter as Robin Ince, Marcus Brigstocke, The Festival of the Spoken Nerd and Helen Keen take science to an new place: comedy.

The first weekend of the Festival (11th & 12th) sees the popular Family Fun Days at Hove Park School. Children aged 7-14 get inspired by the creative, messy, loud side of science. Featuring real sheep, real explosions, cloud chambers, a snotty nose big enough to crawl through and very much more. Start half term with a big bang.

Curious about the Higgs boson and other mysteries of Quantum theory? Why not come along to the Quabinet of Quantum Quriosity (19th) and find out more about the mysteries of this puzzling but fascinating branch of physics (suitable for children 13+). Later in the month, our Simply Brilliant physics evening (22nd) with Trevor Bayliss, will demonstrate what intelligent design really means. If you want your mind bent, try out the edgy scientific ideas of Rupert Sheldrake, author of the Science Delusion (20th).

Robin Ince

For the very brave, we have, Make Your Mind Up Time (26th), where will be delve into the murky world of consciousness and how much of our world is a figment of our imagination. Bring your loved ones and see if you still think they exist at the end of the day.

Brighton’s famous Catalyst Club will host two specials. First a Catastrophe Club (9th) where we look forward to the end of the world, and secondly a soothing Catalyst Goes Cuddly (23rd) where 3 speakers will revel in the delights of custard, computer games and hedgehogs.

Our Big Science Saturday (25th) will investigate swearing as pain relief, how to age well, the mathematics of Olympic athletes and turning water into wine.

Festival of the Spoken Nerd

Other events throughout February include special film showings at The Duke of Yorks cinema (17th and 26th). There will be children’s events throughout half term including How to be Magic (12th) and the Chewy, Gummy, Physics Factory (18th) and special theme days focussing on ecology, food and the science of crafts.

For more information or to buy tickets see website


Or contact mathilda@brightonscience.com 01273 777628

Follow us on twitter @brightonscience


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