My research as a comic strip

You might have read last year that I entered my university’s Research Poster Competition and won third prize, which I was extremely proud of! (here’s the link to the post)

Well I decided to re-enter this year with the idea of presenting my research as a comic strip. The brief of the competition was for staff and students to present their research in an innovative manner to a non-specialist audience: if you read my blog, you’ll know this is totally my bag!

The prizes were given out on Wednesday and I won not only First Prize in the student category but also joint People’s Prize as voted by the attendees! So chuffed!

Here’s the poster in question. And the feedback from the judges which I still cannot get over:

“This poster made an immediate impression and through its thoughtful and humorous approach, makes a complicated subject accessible. We liked the incorporation of different media and the way the poster draws the viewer in and engages them with the fascination, detail and experience of discovery that characterizes all good research.”

Bones Comic Strip (pdf)


One thought on “My research as a comic strip

  1. Hi Natacha,

    Your poster is awesome. I like it, not just because of the way it is presented, but also because the topic is close to home. I was working on a bone regeneration project in zebrafish, investigating the regenerative capacity of the zebrafish jaw.


    Simone Schindler

    Posted by insitutech | March 21, 2016, 9:14 pm

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