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An Athlete’s Diet

For Issue 6 of Guru Magazine, a special Olympics topic: athletes’ diets. 2012 is upon us. I remember wondering what I would be doing when this exciting year arrived – I would have been wrong! Whilst you decide how to spend the extra bank holidays and whether it will be hot enough for a barbeque … Continue reading

My research as a comic strip

You might have read last year that I entered my university’s Research Poster Competition and won third prize, which I was extremely proud of! (here’s the link to the post) Well I decided to re-enter this year with the idea of presenting my research as a comic strip. The brief of the competition was for … Continue reading

Brighton Science Festival 2012 – CATASTROPHE!

We’ll be shaken to the core by both the oldest and the latest ideas: quantum, consciousness, religion – what’s it all about? Shaking with fright, as Catastrophe (the BIG shake-up ) is one of our themes: pandemic, global warming, economic melt-down, and how to avoid them. And shaking with laughter as Robin Ince, Marcus Brigstocke, The Festival … Continue reading

Go on…. just one more! The psychology of our food obsession

For Issue 4 of Guru Magazine, I delve into the secrets of appetite psychology. In “Go on… Just one more! The psychology of our food obsession”, find out the difference between “brain hunger” and “stomach hunger“, why evolution has doomed us to overeating and a special interview with Experimental Psychology Professor Martin Yeomans.Just try not … Continue reading

How crackle nail varnishes work

One of the fashion crazes that took over the cosmetics market last year was crackle nail polish. In all colours and from various different brand, this cool new nail look took has become an overnight hit! But how it work? Here’s a how to on the best way to apply and a simple explanation on … Continue reading

La Galette des Rois: a cake fit for a king!

Growing up in France, there are certain traditions you can’t avoid (and why would you?!): Bastille Day, fresh baguettes in the morning, wine at every meal… France being a very catholic country, it’s also quite hard to avoid religious holidays (especially as they are usually bank holidays). Now I’m not religious but I must say … Continue reading

2011: my first year of science writing

As seems to be the tradition at this beginning time of the year, I thought a 2011 review was in order. And to be honest, 2011 was a cracking year for me as a budding science writer! I got my first paid science journalism job, writing news stories for Cosmos magazine!I really have enjoyed writing … Continue reading

All I want for Christmas is… Youth. The Truth and Lies about Anti-ageing products.

On the third day of Christmas, my Guru gave to me… The truth about beauty products! With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is making final preparations for the holiday season. The social calendar is full, what with office parties, friend’s get-togethers, families to visit and a lot of shopping to do – unless you … Continue reading

New Scientist

New Scientist on the stands today with a feature article by yours truly! Pick it up!

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Natacha is a research scientist and a lover of all things science! She love finding out interesting facts about all aspects of life, whether it’s how genetic engineering works or what the difference between crimped and straight hair is. There’s a bit of science behind every mystery and the Science Informant will help find the clues for everyone to enjoy and understand the amazing world of science!

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