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Music to my ears

Good music is a very subjective thing. Shuddering at the black metal riffs my boyfriend covets so much, this is highlighted to me on a daily basis. But one part of music which shouldn’t be up for debate is tone. Notes are laid out in military fashion, reasoned with mathematical precision and converted to exact … Continue reading

Matters of the Heart

So you might have heard the Wellcome Trust and the Guardian were running a Science Writing Competition. Well the finalists have been announced! Sadly, I did not make the cut…. Better luck next year let’s hope. Anyhow here is the article I wrote: the brief was to write an 800 word article aimed at a … Continue reading

DNA paternity testing – how it works and the risks involved

I recently read a detailed article in New Scientist about some labs in the USA faking DNA paternity tests on unborn children and the repercussions of this on people’s lives. These labs were using very questionable science to assess fatherhood, often leading to false results and sometimes confusing findings. The reason they had become popular … Continue reading

The science behind IQs

Ever wondered what your IQ is? And more to the point, whether it actually means anything in terms of intelligence? Before we all start another year of study, let’s find out First a little history. The term IQ (from the German Intelligenz–Quotient) was pioneered by German psychologist William Stern in 1912. He was interested in … Continue reading

The Haiti disaster: why it happened

On the 12th of January 2010, an earthquake rivalling some of the most intense in the world, erupted 25 km from Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti. Devastating both the land and the people, it reached an intensity of IX on the modified Mercalli scale (intensity I is hardly felt, intensity XII is disastrous) and a magnitude … Continue reading

How close are we to Star Trek technology?

Now before I start this article, I would like to formally remind all my friends that they like me despite my somewhat eclectic tastes, so deal with it! To celebrate (yes celebrate!) the release of the new Star Trek film this may, I thought it would be fun to review some of the many technologies … Continue reading

Nanotechnology and smelly feet

Tired of smelly socks lying around your campus lounge? Wishing you didn’t have to change them five times a day? Scared of taking your shoes off when relaxing in front of a film with your girlfriend? Well, we might just have the perfect solution for you! With the rise of nanotechnology, scientists have created anti-odour … Continue reading

Have humans stopped evolving?

In a time where survival of the fittest means relatively nothing and most humans live to procreate despite illness, poverty and infertility, scientists are asking themselves the question: are we still evolving or have we come to an evolutionary standstill? Evolution was pioneered by the renowned scientist Charles Darwin in his book The Origin of … Continue reading

The effects of caffeine on last minute revision

Now the dissertation dash may be over but there are unfortunates among us who still have to deal with exams. As a result you’ve traded writing your essays for the constant and repetitive task of revision, spending so much time in the library you actually have an assigned seat and overdosing on coffee. So how … Continue reading

Why hangover cures work

As the new academic year starts and all you freshers are starting a life of partying and trying to get up for lectures, I thought it would be a good idea to explore the science behind some good old hangover cures and discover which ones work and which ones actually just make you feel worse! … Continue reading

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Natacha is a research scientist and a lover of all things science! She love finding out interesting facts about all aspects of life, whether it’s how genetic engineering works or what the difference between crimped and straight hair is. There’s a bit of science behind every mystery and the Science Informant will help find the clues for everyone to enjoy and understand the amazing world of science!

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