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Can eating a whole nutmeg kill you?

I seem to remember being told that I should always be careful to grate only a small amount of nutmeg into my cooking: eating it whole would be such a shock to my body that it would kill me! Well it turns out, as is often the case with these stories, the effect of nutmeg … Continue reading

Can the sting of a Daddy Long Leg really kill you?

As the myth goes, Daddy LongLegs (Pholcus phalangioides)have an immensely powerful venom that could instantly kill you if bitten. But no need to panic, the reason we have not all apparently succombed to this deadly arachnic is that there stig is not strong enough to pierce human skin. Sadly this is completely untrue. It has been … Continue reading

Crystals in your Spine

Among many legends surrounding drug use, this one seems the most ridiculous! As the myth would have it, acid users could be at risk of a “surprise” hit years after they ingested the drug. Supposedly acid would crystallise in the spine or in fat tissues, dislodge itself years later and create a horrifying flash back … Continue reading

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Natacha is a research scientist and a lover of all things science! She love finding out interesting facts about all aspects of life, whether it’s how genetic engineering works or what the difference between crimped and straight hair is. There’s a bit of science behind every mystery and the Science Informant will help find the clues for everyone to enjoy and understand the amazing world of science!

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