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A couple of close to home TED-Ed talks

An inspired young student, Sarthak Sinha, has been part of my current lab for far longer than I have and he’s only 19. Working on a variety of different projects with many of us and as keen as you can get, Sarthak is now off studying for his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. But … Continue reading

Stem Cell Shorts

Having completed my PhD in October 2013 (yay!), I have since moved to Calgary (Canada) to embark on the first postdoc of my academic career. My research is focused on improving skin grafting f0r severe burns patients, through the use of adult stem cells found in the hair follicle. The project is really exciting, as multidisciplinary … Continue reading

When enough is enough

I recently wrote this piece for the Nature Careers Columnist Competition – unfortunately I didn’t quite make the cut so here’s the would-be column – enjoy! As research scientists, we are constantly faced with the same daunting question: do I have enough data? In the midst of gathering three long years of data to start writing … Continue reading

My research as a comic strip

You might have read last year that I entered my university’s Research Poster Competition and won third prize, which I was extremely proud of! (here’s the link to the post) Well I decided to re-enter this year with the idea of presenting my research as a comic strip. The brief of the competition was for … Continue reading

2011: my first year of science writing

As seems to be the tradition at this beginning time of the year, I thought a 2011 review was in order. And to be honest, 2011 was a cracking year for me as a budding science writer! I got my first paid science journalism job, writing news stories for Cosmos magazine!I really have enjoyed writing … Continue reading

Busy busy

Now I know The Science Informant has been somewhat quiet lately, but admittedly writing up my first year report for my PhD (and going on holiday) kinda took over! But I haven’t been completely un-creative! Check out two news features I wrote for Cosmos Magazine over the summer (yes I think it’s official, the summer … Continue reading

Behold possibly the worst scientific article ever written!

Now by now you all know I’m interested in bringing proper science to the people – none of this complicated jargon and ridiculous stories that you can sometimes find in the media. This article “Alfie Clamp, the only boy in the world with an extra strand of DNA” is a total jem! Featured on page 3 … Continue reading

Brighton University Poster Competition: 3rd Prize!!!!

At the beginning of the year I decided to enter the Brighton Research Poster Competition organized by their Virtual Research Unit. The blurb was to put together a poster describing the research you and your lab are undergoing and present it to an audience of non-specialists. It was then marked for content and design separately … Continue reading

About me

Natacha is a research scientist and a lover of all things science! She love finding out interesting facts about all aspects of life, whether it’s how genetic engineering works or what the difference between crimped and straight hair is. There’s a bit of science behind every mystery and the Science Informant will help find the clues for everyone to enjoy and understand the amazing world of science!

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