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Brighton Science Festival: Sexy Science review

The Science of Sex: Saturday 9th February, Brighton Science Festival Saturday 9th February was a day dedicated to a grown-ups sex-ed class. Featuring a hugely varied array of speakers, it was Something of a mixed-bag: Dr Malcolm Vandenburg enthusiastically got the day off stories from the ‘clap clinic’ – an impressive tale of firsthand experience … Continue reading

Zombie Science – Worst Case Scenario review: Brighton-Sci Fest

Brighton Science Festival: Sunday 10 February Think the living dead, and you think gore-filled video nasties. Brighton Sci-Fest’s headlining event, Zombie Science – Worst Case Scenario, is none of this and is decidedly family friendly! Theoretical ‘Zombiologist’ Doctor Austin gives audiences a layman’s essential guide: how to deal with a zombie outbreak. A tongue-in-cheek performance, Dr … Continue reading

The Science of Weird Tasting Food

For Issue 10 of Guru Magazine,I have calved into the weird and wonderful world of food flavourings! Be warned – odd colours and combinations to be revealed! Click on the image of the article for a full-screen view! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This article was written for digital science magazine Guru Magazine, for which I am currently Food Guru. Guru … Continue reading

Top Ten Christmas Gifts I can’t live without

For Issue 9 of Guru Magazine,I scoured the internet for the best geeky Christmas presents! I either own or really really want all of these items! It’s a bit late posting it – but then maybe some can be used as Valentine’s gifts! Enjoy! Click on the image of the article for a full-screen view! … Continue reading

Chew it over

For Issue 8 of Guru Magazine,we find out all there is to know about gum! How it’s made, where it came from and the different between chewing gum and bubble gum We also find out how the industry is working on a new biodegradable gum and a great recipe to try at home! Click on … Continue reading

An Athlete’s Diet

For Issue 6 of Guru Magazine, a special Olympics topic: athletes’ diets. 2012 is upon us. I remember wondering what I would be doing when this exciting year arrived – I would have been wrong! Whilst you decide how to spend the extra bank holidays and whether it will be hot enough for a barbeque … Continue reading

Go on…. just one more! The psychology of our food obsession

For Issue 4 of Guru Magazine, I delve into the secrets of appetite psychology. In “Go on… Just one more! The psychology of our food obsession”, find out the difference between “brain hunger” and “stomach hunger“, why evolution has doomed us to overeating and a special interview with Experimental Psychology Professor Martin Yeomans.Just try not … Continue reading

La Galette des Rois: a cake fit for a king!

Growing up in France, there are certain traditions you can’t avoid (and why would you?!): Bastille Day, fresh baguettes in the morning, wine at every meal… France being a very catholic country, it’s also quite hard to avoid religious holidays (especially as they are usually bank holidays). Now I’m not religious but I must say … Continue reading

All I want for Christmas is… Youth. The Truth and Lies about Anti-ageing products.

On the third day of Christmas, my Guru gave to me… The truth about beauty products! With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is making final preparations for the holiday season. The social calendar is full, what with office parties, friend’s get-togethers, families to visit and a lot of shopping to do – unless you … Continue reading

Do-it-yourself: Molecular Gastronomy – Molecular Mixology

My third and last article in the “Do-it-yourself: Molecular Gastronomy” series for digital science and lifestyle magazine Guru! A twist on the theme this time with some intriguing recipes for cocktails! A whole new brand of Molecular Mixology to entertain and amaze your guests! Guru magazine is a brilliant innovation: a crowd-sourced magazine bringing you … Continue reading

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