Apart from keeping The Science Informant alive, I am also part of a few other exciting publications!

Guru Magazine

Guru is a great new online science magazine. Aimed at anyone with an interest in science, it’s really broad, fun and easy to read with some amazing contributions! I am their resident food guru – bringing some tasty and interesting food science! You can download the issues on the website.

Here are some links to my articles for them (which are also in the downloadable issues)

Do-it-yourself Molecular Gastronomy Part 1: The eastern secret of boosting flavour

Do-it-yourself Molecular Gastronomy Part 2: Taste tests and teasers

Do-it-yourself Molecular Gastronomy Part 3: Molecular Mixology

The perfect Mulled Cider Recipe

– La Galette des Rois: a cake fit for a king!

– All I want for Christmas is… Youth. The Truth and Lies about Anti-ageing products.

Cosmos Magazine

Cosmos is a literary science magazine from Australia with a huge following and has won too many awards to mention! I have written news stories for them including:

– Human gut tells brain to overeat fatty foods

– Cold electron sources allow nanoscale imaging

Rice seeds yield functional human blood protein

– Australian eucalyptus is a nanotech gold mine

– New nuclear clock may keep time with universe

– New cloaking device invisible to magnetic fields

– Earliest evidence of human fire-use found?

The Badger

The Badger is the Sussex University newspaper and I am the proud editor of the very new Science Section. I set it up two and a bit years ago now as the newspaper was lacking on the science side of things and now edit and contribute the weekly edition.


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Natacha is a research scientist and a lover of all things science! She love finding out interesting facts about all aspects of life, whether it’s how genetic engineering works or what the difference between crimped and straight hair is. There’s a bit of science behind every mystery and the Science Informant will help find the clues for everyone to enjoy and understand the amazing world of science!

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